Case Studies Insurance

HiPaaS as Enrollment Clearing House

Currently, there are no Clearing house in market that handle enrollment data. HiPaaS provides enrollment clearing house capability for Benefit administration companies or large corporates. The enrollments are collected from the system, formated into x12 834 formats based on companion guide of each insurance companies and delivered to the payers. The errors from Insurance companies …

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HPS Enrollment Integration

HiPaaS provides HPS enrollment integration for Payers with QNXT. HiPaaS tracks all files and enrollments submitted via HPS , compares with data in QNXT and enables the changes to the system. With HiPaaS it is easy to integrate HPS in your environment and manage enrollments via custom workflow.

Availity Integration

HiPaaS platform used as backbone to integrate Availity Portal by leading Insurance company across 15 states. HiPaaS Availity plugin enables intake of all EDI transactions – 837, 835, 270/271/, 276/277, 275 and more. HiPaaS ensures the data is validated before loading to QNXT.

Real time Eligibility with QNXT

HiPaaS provides out of box QNXT plugin to get Eligibility data and enable 270/271 real time transaction and API. The QNXT interface is developed using core HiPaaS architecture around python and graph database to provide high performance and scalability. QXi services are difficult to scale and HiPaaS is great alternative to achieve high performance.

Real Time Eligibility with HETS, Facets and Mainframe

DevCool HiPaaS Real-time Eligibility API (270/271) provides easy integration & high reliability – we have customer data to back it. What is HiPaaS Eligibility API? HiPaaS Eligibility API is JSON/REST based API to send 270 Eligibility request and get 271 Response. The response is mapped into simple readable JSON. The most complex part about eligibility is parsing …

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