Exam Room Fun

Recently, we tried something new - at the #HIMSS19 Healthcare conference in Orlando. We were surprised to see a light moment from the attendees -

"This is so simple and why has it not been done yet"

We had Kinect 360 driven custom program which engages the patient into interaction, simple games, music/dance and at the same time provides interactive personalized messaging. Everyone who passed, stopped at the TV and tried it out, got engaged and had a smile on their face. A simple program like this can change the waiting experience, reduce anxiety and make the patient feel better at heart.

As healthcare is shifting towards consumer focused market, healthcare companies have to also look at improving Patient Experience. In big cities, there is a hospital or clinic at every corner and patients now have options to choose from.

About Patient Experience: A lot of people interpret it as having fancy colors or logos or pictures, but in reality it is more about simplicity and seamless usage. If you look at the widely popular consumer apps like Google or Amazon, it is simple and you get exactly what you are looking for in a few clicks.

Today: Exam room is a boring and frustrating place, equivalent to a Prison Cell. All you are doing is waiting, staring at random useless things in the room, trying to read some chart or photo on the wall over and over again, there might be some drug sales brochures to make you feel better. There is a sign that cell phones are not allowed and just as you are wondering whether to use yours anyway, you realize that there is no coverage anyway. Time flies and you are left thinking - "Did they forget about me?". After long waits, the Nurse or Doctor shows up, they ask a few questions which you have answered before, they type on their computer, all the while trying hard to be nice to you and keep you engaged. But by then all you want to do is GET OUT OF THERE and forget about why you came in first place.

Simple Steps to improve exam room experience:

  1. Reduce wait time by using optimized exam room allocations to Doctors. Doctors and Patients can use same system to see each others location and communicate. Pre-questions and Pre checks can be completed as soon as patient arrives and entire experience can be interactive.
  2. Make the Exam room more fun - AI driven interactions in the room to divert the patient's mind and reduce anxiety. A combination of educational videos and Kinect 360 driven interactions can minimize the anxiety and improve experience.
  3. Take it to next level by providing unified messaging - From the time you enter the Hospital/Clinic, as you wait, as you go in exam room - unified and personalized messaging can be delivered to the Patient on different devices ( Mobile, on screen, via gaming and more). In the exam room, the same Kinect device can also display important messages like - Doctor's arrival time and location, news about recent lab reports, what's coming next, trending health information and outbreaks, generic statistics data, or even simple personalized good wishes and get well soon messages.

Based on the response we saw at the conference, I feel it is time to change the old school US Healthcare experience, it is time to think out of the box. The industry is too busy to improve the care, improve the back office and reduce the cost of healthcare, but no one is thinking about how to bring a smile on the patient's face.

We have a solution developed by our Media Labs group which can be experimented with in your clinic. Feel free to reach out to us to improve the patient experience.