HiPaaS FHIR InterOp

Out of the box connectivity to leading EHR, Payer and provider systems

Highly scalable to large data volumes

Complete FHIR® solution with FHIR repository

FHIR® 4.x support

Over 1300 formats and data elements mapped to FHIR

Provider and payor data integrated

Support for Oauth and other required security protocols

Complete FHIR and Interoperability Platform

  • Quickly enable patient access through FHIR® API’s. 
  • Consolidate your healthcare data formats and functionalities to simple APIs. 
  • Aggregate, analyze and deliver data in near real-time. 
  • Prevent errors by helping your care providers act on consistent healthcare data including EDI, HL7 and FHIR® 4.0 enabled resources 
  • User-friendly views to Patient FHIR® Bundles and FHIR resources.
  • Export member data in easy to read formats or FHIR Bundles with SMART on FHIR integration

FHIR Resources:

Over 145 FHIR® resources mapped (Observation, Patient, Encounter, Immunization, Location, Claim, Diagnostic Report, Explanation of Benefits, Procedure and more)

 • Manage Patient Survey, Allergies, family history, condition, Immunization, Behavior health and Authorization management 

• Access to Provider Directory API’s 

• Large data repository to normalize and store the plans and other payer supplied patient data 

• Plan can use the data for multiple operations, normal transactions, data warehouse generation of outbound transactions

HiPaaS is used by leading Hospitals and Healthcare insurance companies to implement ML/AI algorithms in data pipelines`

CMS Blue Button Interoperability

CMS Blue Button Integration

  • Get Access to five years of Medicare Part A, B and D data from 53 million Medicare beneficiaries
  • Import from any FHIR® enabled sources like patient portals, health plans, labs, and device trackers. Integrate with mobile App, Portals and Telemedicine 
  • View the data in an organized timeline. Search and filter based on user requests
  • Export the data in the FHIR format on your device to share 
  • Import and export data to and from other healthcare apps
  • Share FHIR resources via Secure Mailbox. Select the data you wish to share and send a secure download invite to the entity you wish to share it with. The selected data will be stored in a secure cloud mailbox as a FHIR Bundle until it is retrieved by the intended receiver.

Consent Mangement

  • Centralized consent repository 

  • Rapid connection to patients interface of choice

  • Integration with existing portals and mobile applications (Google Health, Health Trio, etc.)

  • Easy to use interface to request access to patients data

Case Study (Cancer Research Hospital)

Implementing a data message bus including data enrichment and transformation to provide HL7 data to a Sepsis predictive model to provide real time alerts to medical staff for at risk patients.

  • High performance real-time message transformation and enrichment
  • Container based high availability for mission critical functionality
  • External data feeds and connectivity to support data filtering and enrichment.
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HiPaaS™ is trademark of Devcool Inc.

A HIPAA compliant Microservices-based Healthcare common platform being online non-downloadable software to enable data integration, resolve interoperability issues simplify healthcare standards and reconcile data which can connect to any healthcare system, abstract the healthcare data formats and functionalities to simple APIs and provides storage user experience and dashboard capabilities to help users act on data