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FHIR 834 Coverage API

Enable Coverage API via FHIR

FHIR 834 Coverage API
Complete Coverage Management Functionality

The Coverage resource is intended to provide the high-level identifiers and descriptors of an insurance plan, typically the information which would appear on an insurance card, which may be used to pay, in part or in whole, for the provision of health care products and services.

All FHIR resoruces to support Coverage are available

Coverage, Contract, InsurancePlan, Patient and others

"resourceType" : "Coverage",
// from Resource: id, meta, implicitRules, and language
// from DomainResource: text, contained, extension, and modifierExtension
"identifier" : [{ Identifier }], // Business identifier(s) for this coverage
"status" : "<code>", // R! active | cancelled | draft | entered-in-error
"kind" : "<code>", // R! insurance | self-pay | other
"paymentBy" : [{ // Self-pay parties and responsibility
"party" : { Reference(Organization|Patient|RelatedPerson) }, // R! Parties performing self-payment
"responsibility" : "<string>" // Party's res....

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