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FHIR Provider Directory

PDEX Payer Network Implementation

FHIR Provider Directory
Complete Pdex Provider Directory APIs

This implementation guide defines a FHIR interface to a health insurer’s insurance plans, their associated networks, and the organizations and providers that participate in these networks. Publication of this data through a standard FHIR-based API will enable third parties to develop applications through which consumers and providers can query the participants in a payer’s network that may provide services that address their health care needs.  Plan-Net Profiles. Convert 274 to FHIR

All FHIR resoruces for Pdex

Plan-Net Endpoint
Plan-Net HealthcareService
Plan-Net InsurancePlan
Plan-Net Location
Plan-Net Network
Plan-Net Organization
Plan-Net OrganizationAffiliation
Plan-Net Practitioner
Plan-Net PractitionerRole

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