Medicare, Medicaid and Marketplace across 18 states
Processing 10M+ Claims, Enrollments, Eligibility and Claims payment
Hospital Remittance & Revenue Management
Reconciling 20M Claim payments per year
DHCS Full File Compare
Compare Medicare, Medicaid and DHCS Full file with QNXT and update changes
Medicare HETS Real time Eligibility
Check eligibility with HETS CMS across all channels and multiple systems
Clams & Encounter Management
L1-L7 Validations, Medicare and state rules for covered and not covered code sets. Improved data quality

Make Artificial Intelligence Real
HipaaS Patient AI Container

Enable AI for your Hospital or Clinic

HiPaaS Platform


HiPaaS AI Container & HL7 Interfaces: Parex

Healthcare Providers Platform on HiPaaS

Send or Receive Healthcare HL7 Messages of different versions

Complete suite of FHIR resources and FHIR Server. Send or receive FHIR messages

All Clinical Data mapped to graph DB and access via REST API - Timeline driven or patient event driven

Support to load Clinical History via CCD, CCDI or XML or rest API data for patient

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning containers to collect data, provide data and execute AI use cases

Pre built integrations with leading EHR like EPIC, Athena and others

All you need for checking Eligibility, Claims submission, Coding, Claims payments, Treasury files reconciliation.

Chart extraction, clean up and import modules to transition and migrate to new EHR

HiPaaS Single View of Patient
Clinical snapshot by timeline

Provider Case Studies

Clinical evidence indicates that patients with acute deterioration or sepsis manifest clinical signs or symptoms several hours before the condition worsens. #1 Cancer Research Hospital uses Parex to monitor patient data in real time and feedback Sepsis probability to Epic to reduce mortality rate due to Sepsis ​

Research Hospital uses Parex to monitor patient data in real time to predict 90-day mortality probability using vitals, meds, and labs data.

Handling 10M transactions across 15 states for EDI claims, eligibility and enrollments

Smart Coding Modules validates claims with Covered and Not covered use cases before submission. The error claims can be manually edited before submission

Integrated Mobile app for hospital to enable AI driven context based chat to connect to access to care and hospital staff. Parex app is integrated with MyChart

Leading Medical group uses Parex to collect patient historical CCDA data, real time Clinical data and Claims data to develop comprehensive health check report​

Parex is used by leading Cancer Research firm to collect genomics data which is then used for Prediction scoring. Patients can get online prescription from Clinic and testing kit. Patients do nasal swipe and mail the testing kit. Parex manages end to end workflow from prescription to testing kit to results.​

HiPaaS Core Products

HiPaaS Engineering

Healthcare Neo4j GraphDB

HipaaS Store and retrives healthcare data in Neo4j GraphDB. X12, HL7, FHIR modeling

Kubernetes Cluster

Autoscale with Kubernetes. Deploy on Cloud or On Prem - AWS, Azure adn Google supported

Secure Healthcare API

Everything is Healthcare API. Access any X12, EDI segment or element via API

Healthcare Interoperability Solved

Support for all Healthcare data formats – EDI, HL7, FHIR, NCDP and more. using Boomi

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