Make Artificial Intelligence a Reality

HL7 Data Streaming
with AI Model

#1 Cancer Research Hospital uses HiPaaS to enable AI driven care with real time monitoring. 

Enable AI for your Hospital with real time streaming​

AI Modeling Container

Python Container to enable and encapsulate AI Models. Integrate and use existing Models or build new models. Provide large amount of data with AI model. Provide selective real time data to execute the predictions.

EHR Integration

Easy integration with Epic, eCW, Athena or any EHR. Bi-direction interface with Epic or any EHR. Interface various HL7 messages. Dashboard capability to view messages. FHIR Interfaces. Custom API interfaces​

Real-time HL7 and Data Streaming​

Collect and stream a large amount of data using Kafka Stream. Segment data into multiple topics. Selective Filtering and data co-relation. Real-time data result retrieval. Update historical model with new results.​

HiPaaS Platform Features

Never Worry About Data Complexities

Store, locate, and reconcile healthcare data as it arrives using Graph DB

Stream Healthcare Data in Real-time

With HiPaaS Kafka stream large volumes of data in real time.

Healthcare Interoperability Solved

Support for all Healthcare data formats – EDI, HL7, FHIR, NCDP and more.

Autoscale Healthcare Infrastructure

Autoscale with Kubernetes Cluster management and Docker containers.

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