Make Artificial Intelligence (AI) a Reality

#1 Cancer Research Hospital uses HiPaaS to enable AI capability to save lives with real time monitoring

AI Modeling Container

Python Container to execute enable and encapsulate AI Models
Provide large amount of data to AI model
Provide selective real time data to execute the predictions 
Containers for predictive data model support

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EHR Integration

Easy integration with Epic, eCW, Athena or any EHR
Bi-direction interface with Epic or any EHR
Interface various HL7 messages
Dashboard capability to view messages.
FHIR Interfaces
Custom API interfaces

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Real Time Streaming

Collect and stream large amount of data using Kafka Stream
Segment data into multiple Topics
Selective Filtering and data co-relation
Real time data results retrieval
Update historical model with new results

HiPaaS AI Model

Healthcare AI model with customizable watchlist indicators
Embedded Machine Learning algorithms
Capability to set boundary conditions for predictions
Intake large amount of data to learn the model
In-built Healthcare data model

Architecture of Future

Lead with HiPaaS

Built with future in mind - Digital, Cloud Computing, On Premise, Graph Data, Containers, Kubernetes and more

Data Lake

Case Studies - Hospitals

Case Studies - Healthcare Insurance

Availity Integration

HiPaaS platform used as backbone to integrate Availity Portal by leading Insurance company across 15 states. HiPaaS Availity plugin enables intake of all EDI transactions

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Exam Room Fun

Recently, we tried something new – at the #HIMSS19 Healthcare conference in Orlando. We were surprised to see a light moment from the attendees –

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Exam Rooms

Why Can’t Exam Rooms Be More Fun? In big cities, there’s almost a hospital or clinic on every corner, and patients have dozens of options

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A HIPAA compliant Microservices-based Healthcare common platform being online non-downloadable software to enable data integration, resolve interoperability issues simplify healthcare standards and reconcile data which can connect to any healthcare system, abstract the healthcare data formats and functionalities to simple APIs and provides storage user experience and dashboard capabilities to help users act on data