Autoscaling with Kubernetes

AI driven
No SQL (Graph)

Next generation healthcare platform architecture
Ready to scale

Enable the future : Capabilities

All Healthcare data stored as GraphDB

First Healthcare platform that does not uses SQL but stores, retrieves and monitors data as Graph.

All data sets - Clinical HL7, EDI, FHIR , Operational, Monitoring are stored as Graph

Store and build relationships as you go. Highly scalable with storing 10+ TB data

Ideal for complex healthcare and genomes data sets

Scalable Cluster architecture

Autoscaling with Kubernetes

Managed by Kubernetes, AKS scripts
1. Build and manage clusters using Kubernetes
2. Manage on Cloud, Private Cloud or On Premise
3. Support for AWS, Azure, GCP Cloud platforms
4. Docker images are deployed and pipeline managed via Jenkins, & github
5. Monitoring by Grafana , prometheus or integrate to snowflake

Everything is Python API Services and AI Models

Services are developed in Python API
Business Rules configuration via Front end
Configure rules to call API
Plugin API and Services developed in any language
Integrate AI models in Python Layers

Integration and Orchestration via Dell Boomi

Process Orchestration managed by Dell Boomi:
Boomi API Management (Optional)
Data mapping and application integrations managed by Boomi mapper
Mapping & data translating rules developed in Boomi
Auto scale using Boomi Molecule
Connect to any system and protocol using Boomi connectors

Secure and Easy UI

React/Node js based UI
Configuration via UI
Monitor data via UI
Quick access via web or mobile
Use same Nodejs API to integrate to portals
Integrate to LDAP

Kafka Streaming and Messaging

Handle large amount of data using Kafka
kafka streaming for publishing data
Filter selected data
Documents searching via Solr Search

HiPaaS Getting Started

On Cloud :Start using in weeks with our HIPAA cloud option
On Premise : Deploy on your data center or choice of private cloud
Pay as you go : Pay monthly as you use it.
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