Real time Clinical Decision Modeling

AI Driven
Clinical Decision

Collect real time vitals, labs, meds and
Run AI algorithms

Reduce Mortality Rate due to Sepsis after Bone Marrow Transplant
90-Day Mortality Model Monitoring
Genetic Predisposition monitoring for cancer
Population Management with Care plan
Real time Preventive Care plan for Patients

HiPaaS AI Clinical Decision Solution

Decision support Container : Embed your research and data science algorithms in HiPaaS decision support containers
AI Driven Clinical Decision Modeling : Collect real time Vitals, Labs and run AI algorithms to manage cases like Sepsis monitoring, mortality rate monitoring, population health and others. Collect and load historical clinical and clams data.
Enable Interoperability : Stream real time HL7 data, FHIR resources and APIs. HL7 , FHIR & Rest API Integration and any data sources. Out of box clinical data repository build on graph model
Integrate to EHR: Realtime integration to EHR system like Epic, Cerner and more.


HL7 real time data streaming : Realtime data streaming from EHR systems to capture ADT, ORU, ORD, DFT, Lab work and all clinical events

Clinical Data filtering : Filtering the clinical data stream with pre defined conditions and scenarios

Historical Clinical data : Load model data with historical clinical and claims data from different systems

Genomics data loading : Loading genomics data from external systems

AI container and algorithm : Embed existing or write new algorithm to calculate the risk factors and decisions.

Real time dfeed results to EHR systems Real time feed clinical decisions to the EHR system

Common data for multiple AI algorithms Avoid duplication of work and data by using common foundational data and framework to add unlimited uses cases

Improve Patient Experience Provide real time care management, clinical decisions and health management charts to Patients

HiPaaS Getting Started

On Cloud :Start using in weeks with our HIPAA cloud option
On Premise : Deploy on your data center or choice of private cloud
Pay as you go : Pay monthly as you use it.

Why choose HiPaaS ?

Kubernetes Cluster

Autoscale with Kubernetes. Deploy on Cloud or On Prem - AWS, Azure and Google supported

Healthcare Neo4j GraphDB

HipaaS Store and retrieves healthcare data in Neo4j GraphDB. X12, HL7, FHIR modeling

Healthcare Interoperability Solved

Support for all Healthcare data formats – EDI, HL7, FHIR, NCDP and more. using Boomi

Secure Healthcare API

Everything is Healthcare API. Access any X12, EDI segment or element via API

Problem Statement

Today’s hospitals and healthcare systems spend a significant amount of time analyzing clinical data and making decisions. Most of research and its AI data science is done offline on databases or using specific scientific language like R. There is lack of real time clinical decision making at point of care.

The data required for complex decision making comes from various sources and in different formats. The challenge is to feed this offline data combined with real time clinical metrics to make meaningful decisions.
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