HIPAA Data Lake

First No SQL
Data Lake Platform

Connect to any EHR/EMR
Connect anywhere , anything and
Load any Healthcare data

No SQL Clinical Data Repository


Build Healthcare Data Lake on the fly 100% interoperable

One repository for structured, semi-structured, variable- format, internal, and external data.

AI enabled Auto corrections Data Loads :
with automated and self learning data correction while loading data

Load Patient Telehealth Videos and Markers
100% Interoperable
Simplified data source onboarding and configuration.

Configure validation and compare rules based on type of data

All Healthcare Integrations Supported: FHIR, Smart FHIR, HL7: ADT, ORU, DFT, ORM and others
Unstructured data - Notes, Attachments, images

X12 837, (I, P, D), 834, 835, 270/271, 276/277, 278, 274, 275, 820, 277CA

Experience the future of Healthcare Data Analytics
with Neo4j Graph, Dell Boomi , Kubernetes & Kafka Streams

Easy Healthcare Data Integration

HL7 MLLP or Batch :
Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources FHIR :
X12 EDI Integration :
Other Clinical Formats :

Create Complete Patient View by Timeline

Create a complete view of patient health data,
including prescriptions, procedures, and diagnoses.

Develop Healthcare Information Exchange HIE or Accountable Care Organization ACO

Healthcare Insurance Payers, HIE, ACO
Medicare, Medicaid plans
Third Party Administrators TPA:

Functional Capabilities

Simple EDI Interfaces w REST API :
Support for Patient View :

HiPaaS EDI Architecture

Next generation Architecture :
EDI No SQL Graph Database :
Availiability :


On Cloud :Start using in weeks with our HIPAA cloud option
On Premise : Deploy on your data center or choice of private cloud
Pay as you go : Pay monthly as you use it.
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