Medicare, Medicaid and Marketplace across 18 states
Processing 10M+ Claims, Enrollments, Eligibility and Claims payment
Hospital Remittance & Revenue Management
Reconciling 20M Claim payments per year
DHCS Full File Compare
Compare Medicare, Medicaid and DHCS Full file with QNXT and update changes
Medicare HETS Real time Eligibility
Check eligibility with HETS CMS across all channels and multiple systems
Clams & Encounter Management
L1-L7 Validations, Medicare and state rules for covered and not covered code sets. Improved data quality

Healthcare EDI on Cloud
Pay monthly no Contract

All you batch transaction running in hours
access X12 data via API

HiPaaS Platform


HiPaaS EDI Lite Cloud Product includes

Upload and Validate 837 I, P, D via UI or SFTP folder. View data on UI

Manage out of box 999

Load 835 Claims Payments and Reconcile with Claims data

Implement real time transactions with fastest API driven interfaces integrated with QNXT, Facets and Healthedge for Claims Status

Load and validate 834 Files. View data on UI

Manage 820 Payments and reconcile with enrollments data

Access all enrollment data via API using Oauth

Generate Outbound files using loaded data on criterias

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