Enable Healthcare EDI on HIPAA Cloud

Cloud EDI

All Healthcare EDI Transactions:
Claims, Enrollments, Eligibility,
& Payments. 

Get Healthcare EDI running in no time


1) Configure your instance
2) Upload EDI file
3) Access data via front end or REST API

Transactions that Matter

Claims (837 I/P/D)
Claims Payment (835)
Encounter Files
Enrollment Files (834)
Eligibility (270/271) 
Claims Status (276/277) 
Provider Directory (274)
Attachments (275)
Additional information claim responses (277CA)
Authorization Management (278):

Healthcare EDI Cloud

HIPAA Secure Cloud Hosting
Access Data via Front end
Access each and every element using our simple REST API


24/7 Support Cloud with HA and DR

HiPaaS Pricing

HiPaaS EDI API on Cloud

$ 999 Monthly
  • SNIP Validation
  • Data View
  • Access Via secure API
  • HIPAA Cloud

CMS FHIR Interop Cloud

$ 999 Monthly
  • USCore Resources
  • Da Vinci - Carin, Plan mappings
  • Data Load and Mapping
  • Oauth, Consent Mgmt

HL7 Cloud Streaming

$ 999 Monthly
  • All HL7 Transaction
  • Loaded in Database
  • Patient Data View
  • Access Via API or Kafka
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