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Unlock future of Healthcare data ​using HiPaaS.
Let AI convert your data

Convert Terabytes of healthcare data to FHIR. Our AI reader can read CCDA, HL7 and convert them to FHIR.

HiPaaS is Amazon Healthlake partner - AWS Partner Page


No Code FHIR Data Convertor
Effortless Data Conversion

Simplify and Convert large amount of Healthcare data to FHIR. Integrated with AWS Healthlake. FHIR Conversion productivity platform.

FHIR Converter is free to try for as long as you’d like


Working with the Best Healthcare Companies

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Convert Faster with pre-built FHIR templates

Point and start mapping to FHIR resources
With HiPaaS Platform, map CSV data to FHIR resources. You can configure data validations, conversions and business rules for mapping. 

Configure Lookups 

FHIR resoruces require various lookups that are pre-defined lookup templates. Configure only input values in lookup.

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Process flow.png

Choose how you want to convert

Configure Process to choose on how you want to execute maps. One input file can generate multiple FHIR resources. Define the order of maps to be executed and references are handled.  (For example Patient input CSV can generate Patient and Coverage resources.)

Add Validation and Conversion Rules

Add various input data validation rules and data cleansing , or conversion rules via simple configuration. Apply the rules to entire map or at field level


Load to any FHIR Repository

FHIR Converter can connect to any FHIR repository and load the converted FHIR data - Amazon Healthlake, Azure, Hapi Server, GCP and more


Connect and Convert any Data

Point , connect and convert any data. HiPaaS Converter can connect to various EHR - Epic, Athena and others.

HiPaaS connects to Database, or API sources

HiPaaS can convert CCDA, HL7, CSV, Json, XML and various input data formats. 

Pay only for Converted Data



  • CSV Mapper - Convert CSV

  • 1GB of output converted data  Free

  • Available on HiPaaS Cloud



  • $2 /GB of converted data size 

  • Available on HiPaaS Cloud

  • Complete Mapper functionality - CCDA, DB, CSV, JSON, HL7, EDI

  • Add Custom Extensions and Rules



  • Pricing for data over 1TB size 

  • Dedicated Platform 

  • Available on Customer Cloud or HiPaaS Cloud

  • Custom data storage and lookups

  • Complete Mapper functionality - CCDA, DB, CSV, JSON, HL7, EDI

  • Add Custom Extensions and Rules

FHIR Data Converter Features

Healthcare data curation and enrichment

Apply cleansing, normalization and other
enrichment services. Add snomed and ionic codes

Connect Anything and Anywhere

Received & Transmit Data Across a Variety of Platforms and Sources. Connectivity to leading EMR. Convert custom CSV files, Hl7v2, CCDA Files and X12 EDI (837, 835 , 834, 278 ), custom Json files, custom XML files.

Convert CCDA Data to FHIR

Convert any CCDA and load data from EHR system - Epic, Cerner and others

Implement CMS Interoperability Rules

Implement CMS Interop Rules - Patient Access Rules, Prior Authorization, Payer to Payer

Enable X12 EDI Transaction via FHIR

Migrate X12 EDI transactions to FHIR. Build FHIR wrapper for all your EDI transactions - Claims, Eligibility, Claims Status, Prior Auth and more

Mapping tool to map CSV files

Simple mapping to tool to map CSV data

Pay only for the data converted to FHIR

AutoScale and pay only as data volumes increase using AWS Serverless Fargate architecture

Load Terabytes of FHIR data in Amazon Healthlake

Load the FHIR into AWS Healthlake or or generate ndjson files. Convert Terabytes of data to FHIR. Real time and Batch Loading solved

Convert Custom CSV data to FHIR

Convert any custom CSV or Mainframe or Legacy data

Convert HL7v2 data to FHIR

Connect to any EHR. Convert HL7 via MLLP or Batch or XML

Validate FHIR and Manage references

Resolve data issues, duplicates and lookups. Resolve patient matching, provider matching and claims data matching. Maintain References between converted FHIR resources. for e.g. Encounter to Patient, Encounter to Practitioner and more

Consistent Interoperability with support for multiple FHIR Profiles and versions

Configure and map multiple profiles and FHIR versions

Implement AI/ML with FHIR Data

Enable Predictive AI

HiPaaS enables Predictive AI to help reduce mortality rate

HiPaaS data Converter with real time clinical streaming enables Hospitals to build production grade, highly available infrastructure for..

Unlock data 

"You Don't Know What You Don't Know" - so does AI

The data available is in various formats, captured in different timelines and collected from various sources. It is like navigating multiverse...

Our Goal is to convert 3 Petabytes data in 2023 
Implement CMS Interoperability and migrate EDI to FHIR

Enable CMS Interoperability

HiPaaS enables Patient Access Final Rule, Prior Authorization  and Payer to Payer API

CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule (CMS-9115-F). Enable Prior Authorization proposed rule (CMS-9123-P)

Migrate Healthcare EDI to FHIR

Prepare for the future and enable all X12 EDI transactions via FHIR API

Migrate all EDI transactions to FHIR transactions and  -  Check Eligibility, Claims submission, Claims Status, Payments and more via FHIR.  

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