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270/271 Real time and Batch Claim Status Check Gateway

Ensure timely and accurate claims status

Complete 276/277 Real time and Batch Claim Status Check Functionality

Enable Realtime and Batch 276/277 Transaction. CORE Compliance HETS and CMS connectivity. Route request to multiple membership systems. QNXT, QXI integration. Availity Integration
. Convert Response to EDI and JSON for multi channel support. Enable FHIR API

CORE Compliant 276/277 Claim Status Check

Receive CORE compliance Claim Status Check using SOAP XML and security. Route the request to membership system using intelligent router. Get the claims status response, generate and send 277 X12 response. Map and Track status check with 837, 835, 277ca transactions

Process flow.png
Prebuilt mappings - QNXT, Facets and Healthedge

Prebuilt mappings, connectors and integration to QNXT, Facets and health edge systems

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