CMS FHIR Compliance with Confidence


Experience the future of Healthcare Technology

A fully integrated suite of Healthcare CMS FHIR Interop

US CORE Profiles (USCDI v1) Mapped

Allergy, Observation, CarePlan, Patient, Encounter, Immunization, Location, Condition, Diagnostic Report, Explanation of Benefits, Procedure and more
US Core Extensions mapped

CARIN Profiles Mapped & CMS Blue Button Implementation​

All mandate required CARIN Profiles mapped - Explanation of Benefit, Plan, Claim, Coverage and others

DaVinci Use Cases Implementation

Payer Exchange, Provide Directory, Clinical Use Cases, Formulary Drug and Network Implementation​

FHIR Repository and Oauth

FHIR Repository to handle multiple search criterias. Oauth and Consent management capability. API management

HiPaaS Platform

A fully integrated suite of healthcare data using Graph DB, Mongo DB. CMS Mandate Oauth Security, and user management, Consent Management and more. Extension to HipaaS EDI platform.

HiPaaS Platform Features

Never Worry About Data Complexities

Store, locate, and reconcile healthcare data as it arrives using Graph DB

Stream Healthcare Data in Real-time

With HiPaaS Kafka stream large volumes of data in real time.

Healthcare Interoperability Solved

Support for all Healthcare data formats – EDI, HL7, FHIR, NCDP and more.

Autoscale Healthcare Infrastructure

Autoscale with Kubernetes Cluster management and Docker containers.

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