HiPaaS Remittance Monitoring

AI driven

Monitor Healthcare Payments
to ensure efficient revenue cycle management

HiPaaS Remittance Monitor Features:

Load Claims & Billing Invoices Data

Load all your submitted claims & bills:
1. Load 837 I, P, D files
2. Upload claims files from front end
3. Enter claims manually

Load ERA Remittance, EOB, EFT & Treasury Data

Load all your ERA, EOB, EFT Files :
1. Load 835 Remittance files
2. Upload payment files from front end
3. Enter EOB or Scan EOB manually
4. Make Treasury entries

Auto Match Paid Claims Invoices

AI Driven EFT, ERA and Claims Match :
1. Auto Match treasury EFT to received ERA
2. Auto Match each ERA to Invoices/Claims and line items
3. Configure auto match rules
4. Configure data correction rules
5. Enable self learning AI to learn the data and come up with new rules based on common patterns and errors

Resolve Unpaid Invoices
Research Denials & Adjustments
Work Queue Management

Work Queue Management:
1. Follow up Outstanding Invoices
2. Resolve missing ERA and EFT via work-queue via Manual Posting
3. Work-queues to fix ERA and claim differences
4. Research all claims denials and send reports to RCM team
5. Identify adjustments
6. Identify Patient Responsibility
7. Post Cleaned data to EHR and accounting systems

Payment Posting Challenges

In medical billing, there are many aspects that need utmost attention and payment posting is one crucial step that can avoid erroneous billing and ensure efficient revenue cycle management.

Across the healthcare industry, medical billing and coding are given prominence and are known to be the key anchors for successful medical billing. It is however, important to note that an efficient payment processing team can provide important insights into the effectiveness of the RCM.

Medical billing is a multi-step process and there are several steps and large number of claims to be processed daily which means there are going to be issues that need to be managed effectively. Payment posting in medical billing is thus the first line of defence to zero in on the payer issues. In the medical billing process, often it is observed that issues like denials for medical necessity, prior authorizations are often uncovered and may be assigned to team members to address. Besides, identifying the loopholes in the billing process at the start, it will make the entire process smoother for staff that are actively involved in the process from the front office to the back office

Effective payment posting is one of the many challenges faced by healthcare service providers globally. Choosing a professional payment posting service company will reduce the technical glitches and promote smooth payment posting for insurance payment settlements.

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