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275 Claim Attachment Transactions

Electronic Attachments (275 transactions) are supplemental documents providing additional patient medical information to the payer that cannot be accommodated within the ANSI ASC X12, 837 claim format or prior authorization.


For Insurance Companies

We enable 275 attachments transactions for Payers to receive data , define workflow, validate edi document and load in destination system

  1. Receive 275 Claim Attachment Transactions from Providers - Real time and Batch Receive 275 Claim Attachment Transactions via EDI and security. Route the request to membership system using intelligent router. Get and generate the response.

  2. 999, TA1 Response Create and send 999, TA1 based on SNIP L1 / L2 Validation results based on the Companion guide configuration. Outgoing 999 is attached to Graph Node and available to audit

  3. Link to Claims and Prior Auth Link attachments to Claims and any other case management systems.

  4. Prebuilt mappings - QNXT, Facets and Healthedge Prebuilt mappings, connectors and integration to QNXT, Facets and healthedge systems

  5. View Claim Attachment Transactions via EDI Requests and Response time View incoming requests and outgoing responses, track response time , track AAA, Track compliance.

For Providers

We enable 275 attachments transactions for Providers to send attachments , make sure they are validate documents and track claims and prior authorizations

  1. HiPaaS RCM or API to send 275 Attachment Use out HiPaaS RCM product to send 275 attachments to clearing house or payers. API is also available to send it directly from EHR system.

  2. Create EDI, Validate and Send to Clearing House We create the EDI , Validate it and send it clearing house or payers. Track responses and 999 from Payers. Track the attachment and claims status till claim is paid.

  3. Tracking available via Web or API End to end tracking available via HiPaaS RCM web or API.

Other Features

  • 275 Claim Attachment Transactions API Same Claim Attachment data for other member touch points like web, provider portal, member portals, IVR and customer service

  • Claim Attachment on Kafka Stream Claim Attachment request and responses on Kafka streams

  • Views and Alerts Setup different business threshold alerts and notify business. Define analysis views by Provider, by trading partner, Submitter and others.



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HIPAAS supports AWS Cloud, Azure or GCP or On-Prem for Enterprise customers.