Real Time Eligibility with HETS, Facets and Mainframe

DevCool HiPaaS Real-time Eligibility API (270/271) provides easy integration & high reliability - we have customer data to back it. 

What is HiPaaS Eligibility API?

HiPaaS Eligibility API is JSON/REST based API to send 270 Eligibility request and get 271 Response. The response is mapped into simple readable JSON. The most complex part about eligibility is parsing response string and we have solved it for you. Companies can now just call this API to connect to any insurance company, HETS, Facets, CMS, Mainframe, Medicare, Medicaid or Medi-Cal plans and get the eligibility. It makes it very easy to integrate.The API supports multiple protocols to connect to Payers/Medicare - Web Services with digital signatures, TCP/IP and others

HiPaaS API Implementation Steps:

  1. We configure API to connect to Payer.
  2. Your application will call simple JSON HiPaaS API over REST.
  3. Your application will receive the results back in simple JSON (Self explanatory Language - blood work, Hospice, etc..) on web page or IVR or any other channel .
"Only .5% failure rate for the Medicare eligibility requests from IVR (across 5 states) , which is pretty good."

What are benefits of HiPaaS Eligibility API?

  • Simple to implement.
  • Next generation standards with JSON/REST.
  • Fast to implement 
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Easy to scale - scale as your business scales
  • High availability rate