Make Artificial Intelligence a Reality


Experience the future of Healthcare with
AI-enabled auto scalable platform HiPaaS

Automate Payment Posting
Reconcile claims, claims payments and treasury data.
Automate payments posting to EHR systems
Healthcare EDI Process Automation
Simplify Eligibility, PreAuth and Claims management
Automate error handling and corrections
Enable Interoperability
Enable Interoperability and data integration
Enable FHIR CMS mandates, Patient API and Payer to Payer API
Ensure Revenue Integrity
Enable AI driven Computer-Assisted CDI - CACDI and real time decision making
Enable Clinical Decision Support.
Monitor and Reduce Mortality Rate,
Monitor key Sepsis indicators and more

Experience First GraphDB driven future of Healthcare

Healthcare Data Integration - EDI and Clinical Data. Connect anywhere and anything
Healthcare Data Lake - Load , relate and search any healthcare data. Run AI algorithms on real time data
HiPaaS Solutions:
HiPaaS Data Lake
HiPaaS FHIR Interop
HiPaaS Remit Monitor

Healthcare Data Lake: Load, relate and search healthcare data

Availity Integration : Out of box integration with Availity Clearing house and QNXT for all transactions

HPS Enrollments Integration : Integrated with HPS enrollments for commercial and group plans to handle multiple coverages.

One repository for structured, semi-structured, variable- format, internal, and external data.

AI enabled Auto corrections Data Loads : with automated and self learning data correction while loading data

Connect anywhere, anything and load data

Run AI algorithms with ease

100% Neo4j Graph DB driven data lake

HiPaaS EDI: Simplify Healthcare EDI

Availity Integration : Out of box integration with Availity Clearing house and QNXT for all transactions

HPS Enrollments Integration : Integrated with HPS enrollments for commercial and group plans to handle multiple coverages.

AI enabled Complete Healthcare EDI validation platform : with automated data correction and work queues. Simplified Trading Partner onboarding and configuration. Companion Guide setup for L1/L2 Validations. Configure validation and compare rules based on trading partner, line of business, state, or transaction types.

837, (I, P, D), 834, 835, 270/271, 276/277, 278, 274, 275, 820, 277CA
Claims Management : Claims validation, automation, claims status and remittance management . Manage automated claims corrections, rejections , claims status and claims payments

Real Time Transactions : Realtime Eligibility, PreAuth management, Claim status, Claims Attachments and Provider Directory

Enrollments Management : Manage inbound and outbound enrollments. Medicare, Medicaid enrollments management. Full file and Audit file compare, Compare with membership data in real time and manage updates

FHIR Monitor: Enable FHIR CMS Interoperability

US CORE Profiles (USCDI) and CARIN Resources : Enable FHIR Server with USCI and Bluebutton resources. Allergy, Observation, CarePlan, Patient, Encounter, Immunization, Location, Condition, Diagnostic Report, Explanation of Benefits, Procedure and more US Core Extensions mapped
DVinci use cases. : Out of box DVinci use cases. Payer Exchange, Provide Directory, Clinical Use Cases, Formulary Drug and Network Implementation​
Prebuilt Interfaces : Simplified out of box mappings to convert EDI data and custom feeds to be converted to FHIR data resources
Payer to Payer Interfaces : Payer to Payer interfaces and Integration as per USCDI standards
Consent Managenet, 3rd Party App Management and App Integration : Use Consent Management 3rd Party Consent Management. App on boarding process. Oauth security

Revenue Monitor: AI driven Payment Posting Automation

Monitor Healthcare Payments to ensure efficient revenue cycle management
Remittance Posting and Claims Compare : Post ERA Remittance and automatically compare against submitted claims
Treasury Posting and ERA Compare : Post Treasury and bank file to compare with ERA Remittance received
Workflow and work-queue Management : Remittance work queues for manual and automated posting of reconciliation

Clinical AI Monitor: Enable Clinical Decision Support

AI Driven Clinical Decision Modeling : Collect real time Vitals, Labs and run AI algorithms to manage cases like Sepsis monitoring, mortality rate monitoring, population health and others.

Enable Interoperability : Stream real time HL7 data, FHIR resources and APIs. HL7 , FHIR & Rest API Integration and any data sources. Out of box clinical data repository build on graph model
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Why Choose HiPaaS?

Kubernetes Cluster

Autoscale with Kubernetes. Deploy on Cloud or On Prem - AWS, Azure and Google supported

Healthcare Neo4j GraphDB

HipaaS Store and retrieves healthcare data in Neo4j GraphDB. X12, HL7, FHIR modeling

Healthcare Interoperability Solved

Support for all Healthcare data formats – EDI, HL7, FHIR, NCDP and more. using Boomi

Secure Healthcare API

Everything is Healthcare API. Access any X12, EDI segment or element via API