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Mitigating Change Healthcare cyber attack exposure and disruption with HiPaaS

The recent data security incident at Change Healthcare highlights the vulnerability of centralized healthcare data exchanges - clearing houses. The primary purpose of the clearing houses is to help route revenue data between providers and payers. .There are 1M+ providers sending data to 2K+ Insurance companies and the clearing houses provide service to aggregate, connect and route revenue data. In the past, this was need as there were lot of files exchanged daily basis and both payers and providers had to build thousands of connection point.

At HiPaaS our RCM, FHIR and EDI solutions combined help providers and payers exchange revenue and clinical data directly and seamlessly. We provide revenue interoperability solution to address need to avoid clearing houses or letting any 3rd party handle your data. The communication and data exchange remains between the provider and payers. We offer a robust and scalable solution – empowering providers and payers to deploy HiPaaS with in their security firewall and their choice of private cloud (Azure, AWS, Oracle, etc.) or on-premise at their data center.

HiPaaS RCM products help the providers to build traditional EDI connections directly via EDI or use FHIR API and CMS Interoperability APIs. With FHIR API the providers have to just invoke secure API service provided by payers and there is no need to exchange files. With point to point EDI, the providers can directly exchange data with high traffic payers in their region and only go through clearing house for small percentage of connectivity exceptions.

HiPaaS EDI and FHIR API helps insurance companies to get away from EDI and use FHIR to enable revenue transactions like eligibility, prior authorization, claims, claims payments. HiPaaS EDI and FHIR CMS API products are wildly used by large insurance companies today.

Key Benefits of the HiPaaS Approach:

  • Enhanced Data Control: Providers retain full ownership and control over patient data, housed within their own secure infrastructure.

  • Tailored Systems: HiPaaS enables the development of fully customized solutions aligning with a provider's specific workflows and requirements, unlike a one-size-fits-all platform.

  • Streamlined Insurance Connectivity: Our platform facilitates streamlined communication with all major insurance companies, ensuring efficient claims processing and data exchange.

  • Advanced Security Protocols: We employ industry-leading encryption methods such as AES-256 to protect data both at rest and in transit. Rigorous access controls, intrusion detection systems, and continuous monitoring safeguard patient data against evolving cyber threats.

  • HIPAA-Centric Design: Security and compliance are woven into the core of our platform, providing peace of mind in a complex regulatory landscape.

With HiPaaS Inc., providers can:

  • Minimize reliance on third-party data aggregators

  • Reduce risk exposure and potential liability

  • Optimize operational efficiency within a secure environment

If you're ready to take control of your data and streamline healthcare operations, contact HiPaaS Inc. today to learn more about our solutions.



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