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Context driven Patient Engagement with smart AI chat


A leading medical center operates a Concierge Primary Care Program designed to provide personalized and comprehensive healthcare services to its members. As part of its commitment to enhancing patient experience and accessibility, it decided to develop a mobile application to streamline communication, appointment scheduling, and access to health resources for members enrolled in the Concierge Primary Care Program.



HiPaaS engineered the mobile application leveraging advanced AI capabilities to serve as a convenient and user-friendly platform for Concierge Primary Care Program members. The application leveraged cutting-edge functionalities, including automatic code generation, HiPaaS AI Widgets and Functions Generation & Natural Language Processing (NLP) Integration to enhance its capabilities and deliver an exceptional user experience:


Appointment Scheduling: Easily schedule and manage appointments with primary care physicians, with real-time availability and flexible scheduling options.

Direct Communication: Facilitates secure messaging with physicians, enabling members to request prescription refills and receive timely responses to healthcare inquiries.

Health Resources: Access educational materials and wellness tips covering nutrition, fitness, stress management, and preventive care, empowering members to prioritize their health.

Integration with Wearable Devices: Seamlessly syncs with wearable health devices like fitness trackers or smartwatches, allowing members to track health metrics and share data with their physician.

Appointment Reminders and Alerts: Sends timely reminders for upcoming appointments, medication refills, and preventive screenings, ensuring members stay on track with their healthcare routine.



By implementing the mobile application for the Concierge Primary Care Program, HiPaaS helped the medical center improve patient engagement, convenience, and satisfaction. Members benefit from enhanced access to healthcare services, streamlined communication with their primary care physician, and valuable resources to support their health and wellness journey.


Overall, the mobile application strengthens the Concierge Primary Care Program's commitment to delivering personalized and comprehensive care, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and patient well-being.


By leveraging cutting-edge technology, such as automatic code generation and AI-driven functionalities, HiPaaS not only enhanced the patient experience but also reduced costs on product engineering while facilitating the development of new applications for the medical center. 



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