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Sandeep Deokule, HiPaaS Inc. CEO named among Top 10 Inspiring CEOs by Industry Era Magazine

At HiPaaS, our 'Make AI Real' initiative supports healthcare companies in implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to enhance patient care, simplify administration, and cost reduction. We offer implementation services, tech accelerators, and products to expedite AI adoption, along with Epic systems integration & solutions. We help you to put together business case, governance, best practices, and architectural frameworks for AI.

Sandeep Deokule, CEO of HiPaaS, emphasizes, “Our focus at HiPaaS is to help customers implement generative and predictive AI use cases correctly the first time and also measure their benefits. AI also necessitates shifts in skill sets and organizational capabilities. We assist our customers in retraining technology teams and establishing better governance models. There's exciting work ahead, and the right AI implementations can yield significant benefits for the healthcare industry”.

HiPaaS AI for patient care and experience

HiPaaS AI journey for patient care and experience began in 2020 by aiding an oncology hospital in real-time sepsis monitoring for critical care in the ICU. By implementing AI-driven sepsis monitoring, we reduced the mortality rate by 4%. Collaborating with the hospital's research team, we developed AI models integrated with Epic in real-time to monitor key clinical indicators and predict sepsis probability every 15 minutes. Over the years, we've assisted various healthcare organizations in implementing patient care AI models, including critical care management, developing personalized care plans, and AI-driven radiology image reading. Additionally, HiPaaS has improved patient experience using generative AI for communication, chats, automating patient paperwork, and context-driven patient reach-outs.

HiPaaS AI to simplify administration and Revenue Cycle Management

HiPaaS employs AI to streamline administration and revenue cycle management. Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) products assist healthcare insurance companies and hospitals by automating processes and enhancing payment accuracy. Our RCM solution enables providers to forecast revenue and Accounts Receivable (AR) through predictive AI. Additionally, we utilize generative AI to handle claims denials and resubmissions. With our AI-driven medical coding, we automate coding, submissions, and perform validations and corrections. HiPaaS EDI gateway facilitates large insurance companies in receiving administration data from various providers. We validate eligibility, enrollments, and claims across 25+ states for Medicaid, Medicare, State, Marketplace, and commercial insurance transactions. Furthermore, we leverage AI for claims validation, fraud detection, and automated rejections. Our platform ensures financial accuracy for providers by employing AI algorithms to reconcile invoices, payments, treasury, and lockbox data.

HiPaaS Epic Practice

As Epic systems maintain their position as the leader in the U.S. EHR market share, HiPaaS offers a range of products and accelerators available on the Epic Showroom to assist healthcare providers in expediting their AI implementation. HiPaaS ensures significant cost savings and top-notch performance by revolutionizing Epic staffing, managed services, and integration costs. As a trusted advisor, we prioritize fostering innovation, automation, and cost-efficiency, guiding hospitals towards seamless integration and optimal utilization of Epic modules.

HiPaaS AI Augmented Platform for Application Development for Healthcare

HiPaaS AI Augmented Platform empowers hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, medical device, radiology, life science, and other vendors to swiftly develop new use cases and seamlessly migrate legacy applications to cutting-edge AI technologies. By harnessing AI algorithms, we streamline the development process, automatically generating code snippets based on analyzed requirements. Our pre-defined AI widgets and functions seamlessly integrate with diverse applications. Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities enable developers to interact with the platform intuitively through natural language commands. Addressing the critical need for AI in processing vast historical data, our platform offers plugin and inbuilt interoperability capabilities to efficiently transform and load terabytes of data. Through code optimization, we reduce cloud computing costs and overall infrastructure expenses, enabling the rapid and cost-effective development of next-generation products and applications with the HiPaaS AI platform.

About Sandeep Deokule

Sandeep is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. Prior to founding HiPaaS Inc, he served as the founder of Devcool Inc, which was acquired by a Nasdaq-listed public company in 2021. Additionally, Sandeep is the CEO of DealerPaaS, a product company specializing in Automotive Dealership Management Enterprise software.

" What gives us an edge in AI for healthcare is our experience in both technology and healthcare domain. The trust shown by our customers - some of the largest healthcare companies in HiPaaS - speaks for itself," adds Sandeep.

About HiPaaS Inc.

HiPaaS Inc was founded in Silicon Valley in 2020 and is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, with additional offices in Sacramento, CA, and an offshore development center in Pune, India. As a technology company operating in the healthcare industry, HiPaaS is committed to leveraging its strategic locations to foster innovation, collaboration, and global partnerships aimed at driving advancements in healthcare technology and operations.

Note: HIPAAS is a trademark of HiPaaS INC. Epic is a trademark of Epic Systems Corporation.



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