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Wednesday Q&A: Women in Tech Leadership at HiPaaS

In a candid Q&A session, HiPaaS India Head Deepti Rajurkar, the accomplished leader of HiPaaS's India operations, delves into the unique growth opportunities for healthcare IT in India, the emerging technologies set to revolutionize the industry, and her personal journey as a woman in tech leadership.

Q1: Considering the unique landscape of the Indian healthcare system, what are some key growth opportunities for our healthcare IT solutions in India? How can we best tailor our offerings to address the specific needs of the region?

Deepti: The Indian healthcare system presents several growth opportunities for our solutions.  Be it bridging the gap in Data Exchange facilitating secure and seamless data exchange between hospitals, clinics, and public health agencies to Enabling Telehealth and Remote care,  there are plenty of areas we can position ourselves as a key partner in India's healthcare IT journey.  To best serve the Indian market, we prioritize solutions that are scalable, adaptable to local infrastructure needs, and compliant with India's data protection regulations.

Q2: Looking ahead, what emerging technologies do you see most impacting the future of healthcare IT in India? How can we, as a company, position ourselves to be at the forefront of these advancements?

Deepti: Looking ahead, several emerging technologies such as Integration of AI, IoT, and blockchain for enhanced diagnostics, preventative care, and secure data management hold immense potential to revolutionize healthcare IT in India. To lead these advancements, we must invest in R&D, form strategic partnerships, and build a workforce skilled in these cutting-edge technologies.


Q3: You've had a successful career in technology and leadership. Could you share a key learning experience or piece of advice that shaped your approach as a woman leader in this industry?


Deepti: There will be challenges and moments of self-doubt, that's part of working in any competitive field. What's shaped me the most is learning to view those challenges as opportunities for growth. Developing resilience, the ability to bounce back from setbacks, has been instrumental. That, combined with a clear sense of my goals, has helped me stay focused and determined, regardless of external factors.

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