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Enable Healthcare AI using HiPaaS Interoperability Platform

Providers generate around 150 Terabytes of data every day. 
HiPaaS platform helps you enable interoperability and run various AI models.

We also help providers to focus and save cost on EHR and EPIC software by running AI models in HiPaaS


HiPaaS Architecture

True Interoperability Platform for clinical, revenue and AI models.
Foundation for future

HiPaaS AI Automation

Predict when you are going get paid and how much using HiPaaS RCM AI

HiPaaS RCM AI Service helps you to determine when your invoices will be paid and how much  Make your financial decisions smarter by understanding which procedures are financially high performing. Use generative AI to better understand denial reason codes and actions to fix them.


Improve Patient Outcomes using HiPaaS Clinical AI

Implement various AI models for your Hospital and improve patient outcomes and experience. Monitor real time ICU vitals, labs, meds and run AI for Sepsis.  Automate various repetitive diagnostics using AI - radiology images. 


HiPaaS Interoperability

HiPaaS FHIR Converter Service helps you to convert Terabytes of data at fractional cost

Convert CCDA, HL7, CSV, Json, XML, EDI  and various input data formats to FHIR. Connect and convert any source data and EHR to FHIR


HiPaaS for Healthcare Insurance Plans

Implement Healthcare EDI Gateway Automation

Modernize X12 EDI Gateway ​using Healthcare Interoperability Platform. Migrate from Legacy EDI with HIPaaS EDI gateway automation product for all transactions.


Implement CMS Interoperability

Enable CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule (CMS-9115-F).Enable Prior Authorization proposed rule (CMS-9123-P) 


Case Studies

Enable Predictive AI

HiPaaS enables Predictive AI to help reduce mortality rate

HiPaaS data Converter with real time clinical streaming enables Hospitals to build production grade, highly available infrastructure for..

Unlock Healthcare data 

"You Don't Know What You Don't Know" - so does AI

The data available is in various formats, captured in different timelines and collected from various sources. It is like navigating multiverse...

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