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Improve patient outcomes by implementing HiPaaS healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) models

Integrate AI models into your hospital to elevate patient outcomes. Real-time monitoring of ICU vitals, labs, and medications, coupled with AI-driven Sepsis detection, ensures timely intervention. Automate repetitive diagnostics, such as analyzing radiology images, using AI for increased efficiency.

Employ generative AI to enhance the overall patient experience, leveraging innovative solutions to personalize and optimize healthcare interactions.


Implement AI Models with HiPaaS

By leveraging HiPaaS, we enabled real-time monitoring of Sepsis post-Bone Marrow Transplant using Predictive AI. The outcome was a significant reduction in mortality rates, with a 3% improvement. This highlights the impact of utilizing advanced technologies for enhanced patient care and outcomes

  • Realtime feed from EPIC about Meds, Vitals, Labs data

  • Filter data based on BMT metrics

  • Run Integrated AI Algorithm to predict Sepsis probability

  • Return probability to Hospital floor for real time adjustments to meds and treatment

HiPaaS elevated outcomes through enhanced diabetic and kidney care, incorporating comprehensive solutions powered by AI
  • Long term Care Monitoring via App and Chat features

  • Integrated MEDS, LABs Order and Results

  • Integrated REFERRALS ( nephrologist )

  • Genomics Testing (  Check Fabry disease )

  • Track the patient’s Diabetes and Hypertension

  • Decide on Dialysis regimen

  • Regular Blood tests to check the efficiency

  • Dialysis device data storage

  • Donor application integration and monitoring

  • ICU Request for transplant procedure

  • Post care and monitoring

HiPaaS introduced a patient app designed for managing nursing homes, incorporating Generative AI to enhance its functionality
  • Long term care or Shifting to nursing home from Hospital care. 

  • Select right nursing home based on CMS defined criteria

  • Read ranking and reviews of Nursing Homes before hand.

HiPaaS implemented a workflow to facilitate the management of genetic home kit testing for cancer
  • Online Doctor prescription based order for kit

  • Kit delivery

  • Testing and Kit shipping

  • Deliver Results

HiPaaS facilitated the monitoring of 90-day mortality rates through Predictive AI
  • Realtime feed from EPIC about Meds, Vitals, Labs data

  • Filter data and calculate 90 day mortality rate

  • Return probability to Hospital with care plan and treatment

HiPaaS introduced a patient app centered on breast cancer care, utilizing Generative AI to enhance the overall patient experience
  • Continuous monitoring of care plan & results

  • Self test instructions

  • Integrated order of labs and visits

  • Integrated Chat 

  • Context driven notifications and alerts

  • Integrated with MyChart

HiPaaS successfully launched an interactive patient app, leveraging Generative AI for an enhanced user experience
  • Continuous monitoring of care plan & results

  • Integrated order of Meds, labs and visits

  • Integrated Chat 

  • Context driven notifications and alerts

  • Integrated with MyChart

Improve Patient Outcomes with ICU Real time Predictive AI Models 

Monitor real time ICU vitals, labs, meds. Run AI and predictive models for conditions like Sepsis and other key indicator

Improve Patient Experience with Generative AI Automation 

Improve patient experience with generative AI automation embeded with chat and interactive modesl. 

HiPaaS Healthcare AI Features

Enable evidence-based AI algorithms

Implement various critical condition surveillance solutions to monitor sepsis, mortality, and patient safety data. Detect signs of clinical decompensation that could be life threatening or warrant urgent transfer to a higher level of care and then trigger alerts to appropriate care team members. Plug in the trained AI model in real time to receive the data and provide results


Define AI Models

Define or integrate existing Models using python framework


Filter Clinical Stream with Required indicators for AI model

Filter the data stream with key indicators required for the model


Connect to EHR in Real Time - Clinical Streaming

Integrate with EHR like Epic, Cerner and others to receive real time HL7 stream of data


Integrate results back with EHR

Either send HL7 data back to EHR or call API or update database to reflect the results in EHR


Improve Critical Care

Enable earlier intervention on deteriorating patients, improve their chance of survival, and reduce the need for higher-cost care.
Automatically notify caregivers to potential clinical decompensation, thereby reducing the burden on care teams.
Provide the research and evidence-base for predictive AI algorithms and associated interventions.


Load Terabytes, PetaBytes of data improve AI Model

Scale and Performance: AI needs data in petabytes and current solutions to load data are not scalable and take lot of time. HiPaaS is highly scalable and we have successfully converted large sets of healthcare data like medical records, lab results, encounters, and patient demographics of Terabytes size each. HiPaaS converter is auto scalable using AWS serverless fargate architecture. Performance is key, we are continuously optimizing to convert data faster (e.g. 5-10 GB in few minutes). Recently, we were able to transforms 10+TB or observations data in few days.


Test the AI Model with real data

Quality data is vital for achieving accurate and reliable outcomes in healthcare AI applications. Robust and well-curated datasets help in reducing errors, false positives/negatives, and bias within AI models. At HiPaaS, we have developed required validations, lookups, crosswalks which will check, clean the data before converting. Codes like ICD10, ICD9, Snomed, Ionic are mapped and can be configured based on source data. Furthermore, HiPaaS also handle data entry mistakes (e.g. decimal "." can be entered in 5 different ways).


Train the AI Model

There are various formats, standards , types and sources of healthcare data. Mainframe systems, public healthcare domain data and old EHR systems data is often available in custom csv files. EHR's like EPIC, Cerner and others provide CCDA, FHIR and/or HL7 data feeds. Payers and Insurance companies often have EDI X12 data related to claims and authorizations. To further complicate things, the data sets can be a point in time or over series of timeframes. HiPaaS has inbuilt mappers for standard formats and a mapping tool for custom data formats.


Enable Production Grade AI Model for Hospitals for Critical or Chronic care

HiPaaS enables production grade, highly available infrastructure for deployment of AI Models

Enable Predictive AI

HiPaaS enables Predictive AI to help reduce mortality rate

HiPaaS data Converter with real time clinical streaming enables Hospitals to build production grade, highly available infrastructure for..

Unlock data 

"You Don't Know What You Don't Know" - so does AI

The data available is in various formats, captured in different timelines and collected from various sources. It is like navigating multiverse...

What we (HiPaaS) provide

  • AI and Analytical Modeling: HIPAAS provides robust framework comprising of containers to build AI alogrithms, predictive analysis or plug in external models

  • Data-driven decision-making: HiPaaS tools analyzed valuable data to identify areas for improvement, cost-saving opportunities, and strategies for enhancing the overall performance of the healthcare organization.​


​​HIPAAS AI Key Components:

  • Realtime Clinical Streaming: Integrated with EPIC or leading EHR we listen to clinical events and filter them for various conditions.

  • Load Historical Clinical Data: HiPaaS provides capability to load historical clinical data for AI models to learn. The data can come from various sources and is converted to FHIR models. 

  • Develop AI Models: HiPaaS provides capability to develop various AI models or predictive models based on algorithm's your researchers have developed. It also provides capability to call external models.

  • Run real time Critical Care AI Models: When in ICU timing is critical, HiPaaS provides real time streaming and running AI models every few minutes. The results are sent back to EPIC or EHR system to show on same systems that critical care staff is using.

  • Run Diagnostics AI Models: HiPaaS provides interfaces to send the images, compress the images and run radiology diagnostics. 

  • Integrated with EPIC: HIPAAS is integrated with EPIC via HL7, FHIR and other required interfaces to help run the models. HiPaaS also supports all leading EHR systems like Cerner, Athena, Meditech and others.

  • Route results to clinical staff: HIPAAS can route the results to related clinical staff. HiPaaS provides work queues that can be assigned for different departments. Within the work queues items can be assigned to respective staff by supervisors.​

HiPaaS AI Modeling Tool
  •  HiPaaS provides out of box 40+ indicators that can be configured to train the AI model. 

  • Train the model by providing large amount of data

  • Test the model in simulation mode by streaming production real time data

Data Conversion and Enrichment

Convert and enrich the legacy data. Unlock healthcare data and feed to model

Real time clinical streaming can be further filtered and enriched based to get targeted values for the model

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