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AI Augmented Engineering Platform for Application Development

Save on Product Engineering, New Applications, and Legacy Application Migrations


HiPaaS Platform Value

Develop next generation products and applications faster and cheaper.

HiPaaS Secret Sauce

Everything you need for launching your next product startup or application.


HiPaaS Platform Technology Features

Exceptionally Flexible, Scalable, and High-performance platform. Comprehensive API offerings.

Web, Mobile and Dasboard Framework

Our web and mobile frameworks, built with React and Node.js, offer extensive controls for creating web experiences. They leverage server APIs, caching, and GraphQL for efficient data retrieval. Easily integrate with existing BI tools or speed up dashboard development. HiPaaS also supports leading generative AI chat frameworks for enhanced interaction.

Security Framework

Our security framework can complement your existing setup or serve as a standalone solution. It employs OAuth 2.0 and advanced encryption for secure data transfer, with full LDAP integration for web applications.


Our interoperability solution enables healthcare data conversion to FHIR, making it accessible through APIs, web interfaces, and more.

Generative AI

The HiPaaS Platform works seamlessly with top generative AI frameworks, including OpenAI, Bard and others, allowing you to embed AI capabilities into data handling, web interfaces, chats, and searches.

AI Engine Integration

Leverage the HiPaaS AI framework to design and implement sophisticated AI algorithms for predictive analytics. It provides tools for defining cohorts, associating them with AI-driven rules, and utilizing a data learning framework for enhanced insights.


HiPaaS seamlessly connects with leading BI tools—Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI—and allows for custom analytics and dashboard creation. It features a reporting engine for automated report generation and customer notifications.

Search Capability

HiPaaS features a powerful built-in search engine capable of indexing vast amounts of web, document, and unstructured data. Data is easily retrievable and can be refined using rules and rankings, accessible via API for web and applications.

Message Queues

We offer a robust Kafka framework or compatibility with Confluent Kafka, alongside integration options for various other prominent queuing technologies.

DevOps with Kubernetes, Docker and Jenkins

Our platform utilizes Kubernetes and Docker for streamlined deployment, management, and scaling. It supports Azure and AWS, with scripts for AKS, ECS, and CloudFormation, and also offers on-premise deployment options. Jenkins integration facilitates continuous delivery and pipeline management.

Industry-Specific Solutions and Libraries

The HiPaaS platform continuously expands its industry-specific libraries and solutions. Our offerings include comprehensive tools for healthcare, automotive dealership, CRM, sales, travel, and more, complete with data models, loaders, and applicable use cases.

API Server

Our API server handles all server-side and customer-facing APIs. All APIs utilize secure connections and are configured to leverage the underlying security framework. Additionally, we provide API monitoring and usage metrics for continuous monitoring.

Application Integration

With 20+ connectors, including SFTP, File, Database, API, XML, and more, HiPaaS simplifies integration. Our scheduler manages connections and processes. We offer 50+ data loaders for various formats such as CSV, EDI, HL7 and more, and mapping tools for efficient data conversion. Additionally, we support FHIR interoperability mappings and integrate with top application servers and iPaaS products like Boomi, MuleSoft, and others.

Automated Rules Engine

HiPaaS includes a robust rules engine that lets customers define business rules for data comparison, API calls, data routing, and auto-correction. It supports generative AI plugins, complex conditional logic, data lookups, and crosswalk adjustments. The system can auto-fix errors or redirect them to manual queues for processing.

Work Queues

Customers can set up different work queues to handle business errors and exceptions. These queues can be customized to distribute tasks to users for manual correction or to apply predefined automatic resolution rules. All changes to data are tracked and stored in a version-controlled audit database.

Business Process Management

HiPaaS offers a comprehensive business management solution, enabling the monitoring, management, and automation of business processes across various applications and touchpoints. Additionally, it offers integration capabilities with top-tier BPM (Business Process Management) tools, not limited to Oracle BPM, Pega BPM.

Data Management

Our powerful data management API maintains a clear distinction between business and technical operations. These APIs are tailored to manage terabytes of data and database loads efficiently, utilizing data frames and in-memory processing to handle substantial data volumes.

Efficient Web Caching

Our web caching efficiently manages multiple tasks simultaneously and quickly. It is also compatible with a range of caching solutions.

Notifications and Monitoring

The HiPaaS platform continuously monitors for technological failures, business exceptions, and infrastructure anomalies. It offers configurable notification levels and seamless integration with premier helpdesk solutions such as ServiceNow. The platform also allows for the integration of logs with analytics tools such as Splunk.

Cloud and Serverless Framework

The HiPaaS platform offers flexible deployment options, supporting major cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle. It also accommodates on-premise data center deployment. Deployment management is optimized with custom scripts, utilizing AKS for Azure, and ECS alongside CloudFormation for AWS. Continuous integration and delivery are achieved through Jenkins integration.

Database Support

The HiPaaS platform is compatible with multiple database types like Graph DB, Mongo DB and both MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL for SQL databases. We advise on the optimal database choice to match the scalability and performance needs of your specific application or product.

Our Client Success

Working with Leading Healthcare Organizations

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  1. Faster Delivery

  2. Cost-Effective Development

  3. Unlimited Scalability and Performance

  4. Decreased Cloud Infrastructure Expenses

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