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Healthcare Claims Payment Posting

Effectively Reconcile and Post Claims Payments. Account for every $. Consolidate all your claims payment touch points into single payments dashboard

Kaiser implements HiPaaS to improve remittance reconciliation

for all non Kaiser claims payments across its 5 regions.

Get realtime view of your Claims Payments

Improve A/R accuracy & Improve net revenue of the practice

Improve remittance reconciliation, reconcile Claims with Payments including 835 ERA and Treasury files. Implement Al Driven and rule based EFT, ERA and Claims Invoice Match

ERA X12 835 Remittance advisoryPosting

Load 835 files and reconcile with outgoing 837 files.

Post Payments for reconciled claim payments

Post payments by generating 835 or via direct integration to your payment system

Create missing ERA entries

Manually create missing ERA entires or updates based on received 835

Create Workqueues for exceptions

Create work-queues with exceptions in reconciliation of 835 or treasury files for manual review

Adjustments or Patient Responsibility

Make adjustments / write off or transfer balance to Patient Responsibility.

Claims X12 837 Loading

Load and Validate all outbound Claims sent to Payers, Medicare and other entities

Reconcile submitted Claims 837 and incoming 835

Reconcile Claims and Claims Payment data, compare line items and identify missing or differences in codes

Load and Compare Treasury Files

Reconcile Treasury Files against the ERA data and post to GL systems

Al Driven and rule based EFT, ERA and Claims Invoice Match

Auto learning to reconcile and rule based data corrections

Research rejections and denial reasons

Research rejections and denial reasons, check the secondary payer information or resubmit claims or assign to Patient Responsibility

Collect Patient Responsibility

Integrate with payment system to collect patient responsibility or send data to payment system or collection agency

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