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HiPaaS: AI Augmented Engineering Platform for Application Development


Reduce cost on product engineering, develop new applications, and migrate legacy applications.


HiPaaS Launches Product Solution to help customers migrate from Change Healthcare so provider's can securely exchange revenue data directly with insurance companies without going via 3rd Party.

What is HiPaaS AI Augmented Platform?

We incorporate artificial intelligence (AI)    capabilities to enhance various facets
of the application development process.

Automated Code Generation

AI algorithms can analyze requirements and generate code snippets or even entire modules automatically, speeding up the development process.

HiPaaS AI Widgets and Functions Generation

Our predefined AI widgets and functions utilize AI to generate and seamlessly integrate into the HiPaaS platform framework.

Code Optimization

AI algorithms can optimize code for performance, scalability, and resource efficiency, helping developers create more efficient applications.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Integration

NLP capabilities enable developers to interact with the platform using natural language commands, simplifying tasks such as querying documentation or generating code documentation.

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) Optimization

AI can optimize CI/CD pipelines by analyzing historical data, identifying bottlenecks, and automating deployment processes to improve efficiency and reliability.

Cloud Infrastructure Optimization

We optimize the deployment and utilization of underlying infrastructure according to the necessary scale and performance requirements. HiPaaS AI leverages a prebuilt serverless framework to operate statelessly, thereby reducing overall fixed capacity costs on the cloud.

Templates for AI Governance oversight

We assist in establishing AI governance and committees within your enterprise to oversee all AI products and capabilities.

Why use HiPaaS Platform?

Develop next generation products and applications faster and affordably with
HiPaaS AI Augmented Tools and Widgets.

Faster Delivery with AI Augmented Software Engineering & AI generated code

The HiPaaS Platform accelerates use case delivery through a combination of predefined frameworks and AI-generated code, resulting in a 40% time savings.

Flexible to build any use case

HiPaaS Platform has various predefined components and data models to help build any use case for any industry. We also have industry specific libraries which can be utilized - Healthcare, Automative, Supply Chain, CRM and more. 

Interoperability at Foundation

Our foundation models and API support interoperability across industries.

Unlimited Scale and Performance - Enterprise Ready

Our framework has been developed and utilized by large, high-performing industries such as Healthcare, Retail, and others. It has undergone rigorous testing for unlimited scale and high performance.

Cloud Provider Agnostic Development and Deployment - Supporting Leading Platforms

The HiPaaS Platform is designed to be agnostic to cloud providers, with support for all major platforms including AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, and others. It can seamlessly deploy across various cloud providers or even on-premise data centers.

Cost-Effective Implementation - Automated Code Generation, Reduced Developer Dependency

Leveraging our existing platform and automatic code generation, there is a reduced need for extensive developer involvement, leading to substantial cost savings. For instance, a project that would typically require 30 individuals for development effort can be achieved with just 10 individuals. This streamlined process requires fewer software engineers for code review and development tasks.

Everything is API

Everything in HiPaaS is API and can be integrated to any existing or new applications. 

Cloud Infrastructure Cost Saving

HiPaaS prioritizes the utilization of serverless and on-demand scaling components, resulting in significant cost savings in the amount that is paid to cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Graph Database, No SQL Databases

We facilitate the use of Graph Database like Neo4j,  No SQL databased using Json with Mongo DB and traditional SQl databases like SQL Server, Postgress and Oracle.


Everything you need for launching your next product startup or new enterprise application.


HiPaaS Healthcare Product and Services

Develop next generation products and applications faster and affordably with
HiPaaS AI Augmented Tools and Widgets.

Hospitals and Medical Groups

Patient Engagement (MyChart Integrated)

Epic, MyChart, Care Everywhere, and Healthy Planet are trademarks of Epic Systems Corporation

EPIC Managed Services

Epic, MyChart, Care Everywhere, and Healthy Planet are trademarks of Epic Systems Corporation

Imagine and bring your ideas to life with the HiPaaS AI-augmented engineering platform - Across all Industries.


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