HiPaaS #1 Healthcare Integration Platform

Integrate healthcare API, EDI & HL7 data with HiPaaS

HiPaaS #1 Healthcare Integration Platform

We manage healthcare integration for you

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 HiPaaS is all-in-one HIPAA compliant platform – API, EDI and HL7 connectivity with informative and interactive dashboard:


#1 Healthcare managed API Platform with over 100+ customizable REST JSON APIs to enable you healthcare functionality, workflow and business processes which provides tools to automate integration.

  • #1 Real-time Eligibility API for 270/271 
  • Real-time API for 27x Transactions
  • Batch API for 837, 834 and 835
  • Custom Compliance submission
  • EHR API – Add Patient data, Add Insurance, Add appointments, Add Visits, Add Charges
  • Member API – Demographics, Life events, Change plans, Change PCP, Dual Coverage, Dual Rates
  • Claims API – Claims submission, Claims hold, Claims Pend, Claims Rejections, Claims Split


HiPaaS cloud based X12 EDI and Trading Partner management system with no healthcare knowledge up and running in days to manage 834, 270.271, 274, 27x, 837, 835 or any other X12 EDI  transactions.

  • Enable X12 EDI 
  • Enable Trading Partner Mgmt
  • Connect to Insurance companies or Clearing House
  • Clearing House Solutions
  • Submit 834 to Insurance companies
  • Send or Receive EDI files with any carrier or clearing house
  • Real time or batch EDI setup
  • X12 processing for all healthcare transactions
  • HIPAA L1-L7 HIPAA validations / WEDI SNIP L1-L7 Validation

HiPaaS HL7 


HiPaaS cloud managed HL7 integration up and running in days, no healthcare knowledge required to connect to any EHR, EMR, Labs, and Systems

  • Enable HL7 integrations with any EHR/EMR
  • Integration for Healthfusion, AdvancedMD, Epic, Greenway, Athena, Nextgen, Allscripts, Cyfluent, Sammy, Meditab, eClinical, and others
  • Support for HL7 ADT, DFT, ORM, CCDA and more
  • Support for JSON REST HL7
  • Support for – FHIR (fire)
  • Support for custom HL7 , XML and old formats
  • Support for Master Patient Indexing

HiPaaS GPS Analytics


HiPaaS GPS is your global positioning system to track healthcare data across multiple systems and companies – for smarter BI & Data Science

  • Business Dashboard for Claim, Patients, Members, Enrollments, Finance
  • Enrollment GPS compares member data with external 834 files
  • Claims GPS compares claims with each incoming 837 file
  • Finance GPS compares 820 and 835 payment files
  • Patient GPS compares value of Patient by Procedure codes

Why HiPaaS is #1 choice for migrating healthcare EDI to Cloud ?

HiPaaS is for everyone – small clinics, small initiatives, vendors, to large hospitals & payers

Less implementation time

We do all the heavy lifting for you

HiPaaS is highly appraised by our trusted customers.

We have data to prove more than 60% cost savings in IT spend and data analysis time.

We are only one to offer ability to resolve EDI edits and re-submit files.

We provide in-built compliance and business and IT Audit dashboard.

Business can account for every member, every $ and every submitted claim.

HiPaaS EDI Platform is now connected to leading insurance companies ( Kaiser, Cigna, Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross, Medicare, Medicaid, Dental Insurance companies and more).

HiPaaS is also delivering Medical and Dental real-time eligibility data via JSON based API.

Flat fee pricing model – No transactions driven fees.

Run HiPaaS on-premise (managed via cloud) or on Azure platform.

Easily migrate your existing EDI to HiPaaS Azure based platform.

Try for free

DevOps Infrastructure management

Minimal IT required

Minimal Healthcare knowledge required

Secure HIPAA Complianc

HiPaaS has next generation cloud architecture

Simplified connectivity protocols

Run it on-premise or On Cloud

Cloud and DevOps infrastructure

Connect to anyone and anywhere

Secure HIPAA

Scale as your business grows

Available on MS Azure Cloud and Microsoft stack

HiPaaS DB supports 20K+ healthcare fields

Process flows, business rules and workflow for business processes

No More Spreadsheets – Interactive Dashboard

Easy plugin to internal and external applications

Easily integrate to your website

Interactive BI Dashboard

Innovative HiPaaS Website

Integrated with Salesforce Cloud solutions

HiPaaS Roadmap Circle

Our Customers

What are customers saying about HiPaaS?



The HiPaaS solution was easily implemented and has been a triumph for integration. It is everything we knew put in one place that facilitates deep dive analysis in a more efficient way. This has helped SFHP to reduce the time to market and increased customer satisfaction.

– Sunny C, SFHP CIO



API were simple to integrate. DevCool HiPaaS did a GREAT job helping the team gain confidence in X12, so that was HUGELY helpful!  We’re confident that you’re more knowledgeable (with real-world X12 practical knowledge)

– Bob H, W Health plan Architect

HiPaaS HL7


HiPaaS helped us to integrate multiple Clinics using different EHR systems via HL7 in less time and low cost!  With HiPaaS – we’re able to reduce our manual work for processing claims and can add more customers

– Peter K, Hippocratics CEO

About HiPaaS

DevCool LogoDevCool Inc. launched HiPaaS in Q1, 2016 to address interoperability and data analytics issues within the Healthcare industry. HiPaaS is trademark of DevCool Inc

DevCool is a trusted IT solutions provider and systems integrator to major healthcare payers and providers. The team has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and regulations.

About the Team

TeamDevCool is developed by core team of experts in HealthCare, Technology and Systems Integration.

Hiring – Open positions

HiPaaS News


  1. SFHP CIO presents HiPaaS Case Study at HIMMS17
  2. HiPaaS sponsors Women in Health IT event in San Fran – May 19
  3. HiPaaS team @ WEDI 2017 – May 15- May 17
  4. DevCool HiPaaS Webinar Recording “Lifting the Fog” now available for reply: https://lnkd.in/bmevd6x
  5. Dell Boomi and DevCool Partner to Deliver Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service …read more

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