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Migrate or Develop healthcare application with HiPaaS EKS, or Kubernetes scripts. Build cluster with Ec2 or Fargate or Lamda and save on cloud charges

AWS Healthlake partners with HiPaaS to enable healthcare data conversion and loading of FHIR resources

Healthcare, it's time to go serverless

One of the top concerns for all healthcare CIOs is the recurring monthly cost for their cloud infrastructure. We have seen CIOs put manual steps and processes to stop and start cloud applications when required. There are people hired to make sure the servers are down and billing is not incurred. There are also restrictions on number of environments and data for testing, which in turn delays the delivery dates and impacts the quality of production application.

HiPaaS Serverless Solution

  1. Design as stateless micro services APIs. Each service is isolated and not aware of the data it is processing. The APIs reads, based on key, the required configurations it needs to complete its task. 

  2. The second part is data isolation and security, the data processed is encrypted

The services can now reside on any server or serverless architecture. They can do the computation they need with no knowledge of whose data it is. On the deployment side, the scale can be achieved by assigning compute power to auto scaling variables to EKS and Fargate components. For short lived services, they can reside in Lamda.

HiPaaS Features

HiPaaS Serverless Architecture
200+ APIs to convert any Healthcare data 

Healthcare APIs that work

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